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Kanam Prehistoric site

This site is on the shores of Lake Victoria on Homa peninsula near the Homa Mountain. Louis Leakey’s expedition in 1932 discovered a fossil human mandible and Pleistocene fauna including prehistoric stone tools. Recent finds are paleontological bones dating between 1 and 6 million years ago.
Kanjera Prehistoric site and Kanjera hot springs (Bala Rawi).
These hot salty springs where eggs can be boiled is where Doctor Louis Leakey in 1932 found cranial and funeral fragments of hominids. These were estimated to be 500 years old. Local people collect salt from the evaporated salt water.

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary.

The Sanctuary is on the shores of Lake Victoria, is a meager but interesting one- square-kilometre wildlife sanctuary. It is home to the last herds of impala that were once around town and a white rhino and zebras. A few hippos frequent it at night including pythons and monitor lizards. There are several caged baboons and leopards rescued from human-wildlife conflict areas. Over 115 different species of birds have been recorded here. lt is 3km from Kisumu city. What to look out for: White rhino, the threatened sitatunga, a semi-aquatic antelope that lives in the reeds, impala, caged animals like baboons, leopard, cheetah and lions.

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We offer a wide range of exciting products including sightseeing tours, which are escorted by professional guides whose expertise will ensure you have fantastic day out! In this section you find some of the safari adventure activities and places to see & things to do. We believe that we are Kenya’s best travel specialist with extensive knowledge and passion for the country as well as a vast network of staff and a well-established travel partnership across Kenya and Tanzania.

The Kisumu Museum

The Museum has the largest exhibition of the UNESCO-sponsored ‘Ber-gi-dala’ or a Luo traditional homestead. The museum buildings are set to look like a Luo homestead replicating the culture of the area with the museums main gallery facing the entrance like a typical Luo household. It is a few kilometres from town.
The Kit Mikayi
Kit Mikayi a large rocky outcrop with three towering rocks. It is off the Kisumu-Bondo Road. Kit-mikayi means “Stones of the first wife” in Dholuo, the Luo language. It is believed that Mikayi (”the first wife”) went up the hill to the stones when her husband took a second wife. She has been weeping ever since.

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